Things to Consider While Applying For the FSSAI Licensing and Registration – Food License Govt fee Structure

The food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) is the mandatory license for all food industry.

The license is basically designed for the food joints. This license is established under the act of food safety and standards. With the help of the license, the business owner manages the food related in a simple way.

It is the great way for the food business owner to make sure the safe and wholesome food for the human being consumption. The license is important for the manufacturer, traders, and others present in the food business.

It is advised for the food business owners to apply for the FSSAI license early and sell the food items with the perfect license. On the other hand, it is also mandatory for the online food service provider. This is issued by the central food authority in order to operate the food business successfully without any hassle.

If you keep up the food business, you can need to obtain the food license for the business purpose. The food business owner follows the rules and regulation for the food safety. You can know the importance of the FSSAI license and how it is beneficial for the business.

Necessity of the FSSAI license:

The food business operator is required to gain the food license or register it. Today, every business operator needs to manage the FSSAI food license and then make the decision to the food products in the industry.

The registration or license is based on the yearly income of the food business operator.

There are lots of things should keep in mind while going to register or get the food license. The FBO must follow the rules and regulation of the registration. A different type of food business is also applicable for one registration.

  • It assists trade and ensures that there is no complication on the consumer safety and share.
  • It involves the high degree of customer assurance in safety and quality of the food items.
  • It helps the food business operator to minimize enough regulation involved in the food sell and other.
  • It aids the food business owner to improve the better innovation in food items.

The business owner makes sure the above point to sell the quality food products in the marketplace. The license deal with all matters involved in the food products. It becomes very effective in the business sector that improves the reliability of the food business.

In this way, you can assure to manufacture the food products with the high-quality materials. The food license ensures the consumer that food items high standard. The consumers always trust to buy the license food products. This is better to consume the food.

Fee structure for the license and registration:

According to the food safety and standards, there is a separate fee for the

  1. Basic registration     
  2. State level license     
  3. Central level license

The government fee for the basic registration is Rs. 100 per year only. The food business operator may register in company name, Proprietorship, partnership or any other structure .

The business owners pay Rs. 7500 for the central license. For the state level license, the state licensing authority manages different fee structure for the different business. When it comes to getting the state level license, the business owners have to consider these things.

You can make the proper search for obtaining the state license from the state license authority. The fees cannot be refunded for any circumstances to the business owners. The business follows the fee structure to get the food license for the food business.

The business owners apply the license for the maximum of five years. This is suitable for applying the license or the renewal of the license. The food business operator needs to submit the duplicate of the copy of the license and registration certificate to the concerned department if it is lost or destroyed.

Consider the forms for FSSAI license:

If you are willing to get the food license, you can consider the type of forms present in the license. There are three types of food safety and standards authority of India license available in India. The business owner gains the complete details about each form and applies it very quickly at the possible time.

For the Basic Registration:

If the business with the annual turnover below 12 lakhs, the business owners only get the registration in FSSAI license. For this concern, it is not mandatory for the business owners to get the food license and only make the registration. This is suitable for the homemade food business. If the turnover is more than twelve lakhs, you can eligible for the state level license.

State FSSAI License:

The state level license is only suitable for the businesses that have the annual turnover above 12 lakhs. The food business operator registers under the state level license. This is perfect for the hotels, restaurants and others. The business owner required to get the state level license if they keep the branch in various states. The government fee for the State license is Rs. 5000, 3,000 or 2,000 (business category wise).


Central FSSAI License:

This license is appropriate for any type of food businesses that have yearly turnover of 20 crores. The business owner maintains branch in more than one state. The central license is ideal for the export or import of the food items. This becomes necessary for that kind of business.

How the business owner gains benefit:

This is an ideal way for the business owner to sell the quality of food products to the consumer. At the time of buying the food products, the consumer’s thing that the company is registered or not. After the license expiry, the business owner can be able to renew the license with the same amount of fee.

Sometimes, the business owner spends additional charges for more than one year of registration or license. This is request for the food business operator need to submit the required documents for the registration or getting the food license. With the help of the license, you can spread the food business throughout the world without any hesitation.

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